Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Icelandic pony's

The family took care of a small herd of Icelandic reindeer pony's . We were kind of stewards of them because My father in law had a suitable camp that seemed to make them feel like home. They were never starved for attention. In the spring time and summer they would poke their head inside the open kitchen window and nose around in the sink "really a galvanized tub" and snort and whinny for attention. perfectly suited for the arctic they had a thick coat that would shed huge puffs of hair in the spring. The birds would follow them around and gather up these tufts of hair and steal them away for nesting. They came with all manor of tack and equipment for their care. the saddles were used when they were " working " but the children rode them bareback. Can you imagine being 9 years old and having your choice of pony's to ride ? Lois had a magic touch with them . They would follow her everywhere. sometimes I think they were looking for a treat but most of the time they would beg her to play with them. She was the only one who could get them to stand still so grooming and Horse maintenance could be accomplished. Lena was also popular with them because I think they could smell the hard candy in her pocket that she would slip to a grand child when nobody was looking. More later

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