Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Camp life 2

The airplane is an important tool here. I learned to fly in the country like a kid would learn to drive a tractor on a farm in the lower 48. my kids would fall asleep before the wheels left the ground. some of the most skilled pilots live in this part of the world. one pilot ...not me... who I will not name for obvious reasons learned that people were over due from a sno-go trip. there lives were in peril and search and rescue teams on the ground were having difficulty in the white out looking for them. he took off in his small plane and found them , they were rescued and he landed back in town in conditions that you could not ride a sno-go in. he never made a big deal over it... just did it. some people who are just learning about life in Alaska will say, it is not subsistence if you use modern equipment or tools. most of them have never lived or experienced bush or country living. people must adapt to the world around them. Alaskans are the original Green movement. I have listened to the elders who said we used to live below the ground in" sod houses " and be warm and funeral our dead above ground... now they build the houses above the ground and we freeze and we put the dead below the ground where it is warm... I ask you does it make sense ? of course times change and life is different now but sometimes I need to listen to people who lived just fine for the last 10,000 years . the USA is only a little more than 200 years old. I know that we need to keep up with the times but if the lights went off and the heat went off and my cell phone battery died and I lost my internet I was taught how to live until they are back on again or without them. Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. I will listen to what you have to say and let your words sink in because you have survived in this world the way you had to. My father in law would have loved to listen to your life experience and speak with and learn from the people from " over there" you would have been welcome to stay and visit and share your life over good fat soup, black meat seal oil and tom cods or shee fish. my children are now in there mid 20's . one graduated with honors from college and one decided that that was not his way. both have returned to Alaska. they know how to work hard in both worlds and I want to encourage the 20 somethings to be brave and adapt and use all the tools this world has to better the lives of your selves and your people. join together with the elders and heal the wounds of the drugs and alcohol . demand a clean and sober life for you and your children s future . have compassion for the addicted and love them but be firm and demand a plan for the recovery. one person at a time. it will take everyone working together. we need everyone.

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